Evermore (secret of)

série: SNES
éditeur: Squaresoft
genre: Game RPG
classement: biblio Diego
format: SNES 1995 US version avec boite et mode d'emploi
état: TBE
valeur: 50 €
critère: **
remarques: a game similar to Secret of Mana but a little more complex
in respect of the combination of magic

instead of being a group of 3, you are alone
with the dog Rocky to travel in the game
there are 4 countries or sections to be visited:
Prehistoria, Antiqua, Gothica and Omnitopia
you have to perform some experience
to increase levels, buy or obtain goods and equipment
but the real point in this game is to elaborate alchemy formulas
by mixing various ingredients that can be found or purchased

the beginning of the game is abit complicate
but as soon as you make some training,
the whole development will become easier and easier
an important note: for the final fight against the boss,
you will have to fight about 5 rounds before getting to the big boss
and round after round, the opponent will become more difficult
but finally if you use the good tactic, the big boss is easily beaten

the end of the game is however abit different from the other video games

n.b. this video game is produced by Square Soft
but the producers are this time American people and not Japanese

Secret of Evermore is an action role-playing game
for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System,
it was released by Square in North America on October 1, 1995,
in February 1996, it saw release in the PAL territories of Europe and Australia,
a Japanese release was planned to follow the North American release
by a few months, but it was ultimately cancelled.

The story of Secret of Evermore follows a boy and his pet dog
as they are inadvertently transported to a fantasy world created by an eccentric inventor,
the player guides both the boy and his shapeshifting dog through Evermore,
a world that is composed of separate realms,
each resembling a different period of real-world history,
the gameplay shares many similarities with Secret of Mana, such as real-time battles,
a ring-shaped menu system, and the ability to switch control between the two characters,
despite similar game mechanics and a similar title, it is not an entry in the Mana series

Secret of Evermore is unique in that it is the only game developed
by Square designers in North America,
the game received positive reviews upon its release due to its graphics and gameplay,
but was criticized for not being up to the standards
of what many reviewers were used to by its developer.

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