Final Fantasy V

série: SNES
éditeur: Squaresoft
genre: Game RPG
classement: biblio Diego
format: US version, 1992, avec boite
état: TBE/N
valeur: 30 €
critère: ***
remarques: Final Fantasy V Us vesion,
éditon spéciale Squaresoft, 1992
avec boite carton

Final Fantasy V is a fantasy role-playing video game
developed and published by Square in 1992
as a part of the Final Fantasy series

the game begins as a wanderer named Bartz investigates a fallen meteor,
there, he encounters several characters, one of whom reveals
the danger facing the four crystals that control the world's elements,
these crystals act as a seal on Exdeath, an evil sorcerer,
Bartz and his party must keep the crystals from being exploited
by Exdeath's influence and prevent his resurgence

Final Fantasy V has been praised for the freedom of customization
that the player has over the characters,
achieved through the greatly expanded job system,

Final Fantasy V includes many standard role-playing elements
as well as renovated features introduced in earlier Final Fantasy games,
players navigate from a top-down perspective;
a traversable overworld connects the various towns, dungeons
and other points of interest,
the player can traverse the overworld by foot, Chocobo,
hydra-guided ship, wind drake or airship even with a submarine,
most towns contain scattered inns for resting,
shops for purchasing equipment and people
from whom the player can gain information,
the player may also embark on several side quests
that become available as the story progresses,
characters grow in strength by gaining experience points
from random encounters with monsters on the overworld or in a dungeon,
experience culminates in a "level up",
in which character attributes such as hit points and magic power increase,
a menu-based management system allows the player
to equip, heal, and change each character's selected job
outside of battle as well as to save the game's progress

the main feature of the gameplay of Final Fantasy V is the job system,
players can freely select jobs (also called "classes")
for their characters to master, allowing each character
to gain special abilities and potentially master all 22 jobs
each character begins with only the "Freelancer" class;
to gain access to new jobs, players must acquire crystal shards,
this system is an improved version of the one in Final Fantasy III;
several older jobs were either reused or revamped for Final Fantasy V,
such as the Black Mage and Thief,
the game also introduces several classes to the series
including the Blue Mage, Time Mage, and Mime
each of these classes has been featured
in numerous Final Fantasy installments since

once the player gains access to the job system,
characters begin to earn a separate form of experience
+ AP = ability points in conjunction with regular experience points
characters gain job levels after accumulating AP;
as with regular levels, the required amount of experience
increases after each job level,
AP and job levels do not transfer from class to class,
as job levels increase, new skills become available
for the character to use in a new form of customization;
characters learn job-specific abilities that may be transferred to a new job,
for example, a character with the Knight job
who has also earned job levels as a Black Mage may set Black Magic
as a secondary command, enabling both
black mage and knight abilities in battle,
the nature of these abilities varies; while some
serve as special commands in battle, others may be innate to the class
or activated automatically when conditions are met,
such as the thief's "caution" skill,
which prevents rear attacks from enemies,
this system allows for deeper customization of characters

>> quite an interesting and entertaining game
but somehow also very complex

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