série: SNES
éditeur: Nintendo
genre: Game RPG/Action
classement: biblio Diego
format: cartridge only
état: TBE
valeur: 20 €
remarques: EarthBound (known as Mother 2 in Japan)
is a role-playing video game developed by Ape Inc. and HAL Laboratory
and published by Nintendo for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System,
it is the Snes version of the Nes play Maniac Mansion

themed around an idiosyncratic portrayal of Americana and Western culture,
EarthBound subverted popular role-playing game traditions
by featuring a real world setting while parodying numerous staples of the genre,
Itoi wanted the game to reach non-gamers with its intentionally goofy tone;
for example, the player uses items such as the pencil eraser to remove pencil statues,
experiences in-game hallucinations, and battles piles
of vomit, taxi cabs, and walking nooses

EarthBound takes place about a decade after the events of Mother,
in the fictional country of Eagleland,
the player starts as a young boy named Nes as he investigates
a nearby meteorite crash with his neighbor, Pokey,
to find his brother Picky, they find that an alien force, Giygas,
has enveloped and consumed the world in hatred
and consequently turned animals, humans, and objects
into malicious creatures, a small, bee-like creature from the future
instructs Ness to collect melodies in a sound stone from 8 sanctuaries
to preemptively stop the force, but is killed shortly thereafter,
when Pokey and Picky's mother mistakes him for a pest,
while visiting these 8 sanctuaries,] Ness meets
three other kids named Paula, Jeff, and Poo –
being "a psychic girl, an eccentric inventor,
and a ponytailed martial artist" respectively who join his party
along the way, Ness visits the cultists of Happy Happy Village,
where he saves Paula and the zombie-infested Threed,
where the two of them fall prey to a trap,
after Paula telepathically instructs Jeff in a Winters boarding school
to rescue them, they continue to Saturn Valley,
a village filled with a species of creatures called Mr. Saturn,
the city of Fourside, and the seaside resort Summers,
meanwhile, Poo, the prince of Dalaam, partakes
in a seemingly violent meditation called "Mu Training"
before joining the party as well

the party continues to travel to the Scaraba desert,
the Deep Darkness swamp, another village of creatures
called Tenda who need a book to overcome their shyness
as well as a forgotten underworld where dinosaurs live,
when the sound stone is eventually filled,
Ness visits Magicant, a surreal location in his mind
where he fights his personal dark side,
upon returning to Eagleland, Ness and his party
use the Phase Distorter to travel back in time to fight Giygas,
transferring their souls into robots so as
to not destroy their bodies through time travel,
the group discovers a device that contains Giygas,
but it is being guarded by Pokey, who has been aiding Giygas all along
and is now using alien technology, after being defeated in battle,
Pokey turns the device off, releasing Giygas
and forcing the group to fight the monster

during the fight, Paula reaches out to the inhabitants of Earth,
and eventually the player, who pray for the children's safety,
the prayers manage to exploit Giygas' fatal weakness
(human emotions) and defeat the alien,
eradicating him from all of existence,
in a post-credits scene, Ness, whose life has returned
to normal following Giygas' defeat, receives a note from Pokey,
who challenges Ness to come and find him
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