Lord of the rings

série: SNES
éditeur: Nintendo
genre: Game RPG/Action
classement: biblio Diego
format: SNES 1991 US version avec boite et mode d'emploi
état: TBE
valeur: 30 €
critère: *
remarques: LORD OF THE RINGS from Tolkien's novel

this is a role playing game produced
by Interplay in 1991, but a game that is really
not of great interest, especially because
of the dreariness and without transparency
(alot of mazes without any indication)
and it won't get a good review from the media

n.b. when using Game Genie select 82A2 – CF6D

aa) there are a great number of characters who are in fact
not really necessary, just to mention the main ones:
Frodo Baggins, the hero - Samwise Gamgee, best friend of Frodo
Pippin Took, first hobbit - Merry Brandybuck, second hobbit
Aragorn, leads the party - Gimli, a dwarf - Gandalf, a wizard
Legolas, an archer, son of the king of the Elves

bb) the codes to be registered are very very complicate to start
(you have to use six passwords and two inventory codes)
and you cannot save during the walkthrough in the Moria mines
which are very complexed and without any indication for the player,
in the Moria mines you have to search for many keys which
are to be used for 10 mines, espc. you have to use many kinds
of keys in the caves of Barrow Downs

cc) contrary to what is said in most gameguides for
the final fight against the monster Balrog,
either Fandalf should die during the fight or
(when using Game Genie), you MUST not select Gandalf
before going for the final fight

dd) there are following areas to cross: Hobbiton, Old Forest,
Barrow Downs, Shira Cave, Rivendell garden and Moria mines
which two rather difficult areas: Barrow Downs + Moria mines,
all in all 9 caves in Barrow Downs, 10 Moria mines
as well as 44 areas

ee) also you have to find many items such as the GEMS
(6 of them: white, red, green, yellow, purple and violet)
as well as six lost amulets in order to be able
to continue the game

>> after fighting Sauron (the monster Balrog) you will meet
at the end of the game, Galafriel, the lady of Lorien,
but nothing really spectacular except a lot of text, however
the music is not the worst but becoming slowly boring
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