Vermilion (sword of)

série: SEGA
éditeur: SEGA Genesis
genre: Game RPG
classement: biblioDiego
format: Sega Genesis 1993 avec boite mais sans mode d'empl
état: TBE
valeur: 20 €
critère: *
remarques: a RPG in the style of Zelda ( a one-man-show)

Erik the knight takes a quest to defeat the evil forces of Cartahena,
he has to visit many villages and caves, fight the bosses there,
you have also to find 16 rings, 8 of justice and 8 of evil

the point in the game is to make experience and level up
for finally get the vermilion sword to beat the last boss,
you are completely on your own and it is not possible to make a team
as with the other RP games such as Final Fantasy,
the graphic shows in a kind of 3D perspective

it is one of the first RPG video games produced 1989 by Sega
and is not quite the best one but it has a certain little retro charm,
there are a lot of monsters to fight continuously on your way
and you have to find various maps to enlighten the ways during the trip,
you can only save inthe towns you have visited
and during the fights against the bosses,
you cannot use magic and/or replenish your HP,
therefore the monsters to fight are not especially easy,
the degree of difficulty is raising with the development of the game,
however at the end of the game, you can use a trick to become nearly invulnerable

n.b. sword of Vermilion was one of the last Sega Genesis RPGs
to come with a box-sized hint book, the hint book was 106 pages long

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