Sorcerer's kingdom

série: SEGA
éditeur: SEGA Genesis
genre: Game RPG
classement: biblioDiego
format: Sega Genesis 1992 avec boite et mode d'emploi
état: TBE
valeur: 30 €
critère: **
remarques: a tactical RPG video game in the style of final fantasy and phantasy star

the game allows to control a party of four characters
(the hero, a sorcerer Elrad, a warrior Midi and a magician Astina)

the game ditches the experience system and allows
characters to increase their stats as they battle certain ways,
by continually using spells, for instance, a character's magic stat
will increase after the enemies in a battle are all defeated,
during battle, every enemies may move once for every action any party member makes,
leading to enemies having a larger number of attacks than the player's party

the characters have to collect spirits
(spirit of water, of wind, of earth and of fire in different areas and levels,
finally they got leather and lumber
to build wind wings to reach the last region (see image on game cover),
this last region being the most difficult one with strong enemies and mazes,
the last point being blood island at dragon rock
where you will meet the final boss

>> not as good as phantasy star or final fantasy
but quite pleasant to play (one of the first RPG produced by Sega)

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