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année: 1941
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remarques: volume XXXVII, number 15
Time Magazine 1941

national affairs
- Hitler has invaded Yugoslavia and Greece
- the Dutch East Indies were put on defense
- it was decided by the US Congress to arrange convoys of supply ships to the British
- for the first time in history, Henry Ford's main plant at Dearborn was shut by a strike
- 2 new battleships were launched: the "North Carolina" and the "Washington"
- a new tank, the M3 , has been developed

world war
- Balkan theater
following the British presence in Greece,
the Nazis have attacked Greece and Yugoslavia on 6.4.1941
as usual without any declaration of war
soul against steel, attacks came from Austria, Hungary, Rumania and Bulgaria
- a dictator's hour
for Hitler this spring is destiny, if he succeeds, he could be master of Europe, but if not,
the weight of US economic power will begin to pour to the aid of Britain
for Hitler, spring is therefore his building season
- description of Hitler
- his soldiers: quick as greyhound, tough as leather and hard as Krupp steel
- his army has become stronger and more experienced,
but Hitler has also his weak points: his ally Italy is a hollow shell
- and the whole world as yet unconquered
is united in distrust of him and the clock ticks against him
- seesaw in Africa
Benghazi is in Axis hands again
but Addi Abeba has fallen into British hands without a struggle
- Rommel, a panzer expert, has now become commander in Libya

- relations between Germany and Hungary =
pact of eternal friendship but rather engulfed by Hitler

- relations between Italy and the US
if the Italians are beaten in Albania, how could they declare war to the US?
Nazis are anyway controlling 50% of Italian industry
the Italians have been knocked down in North Africa and in the Mediterranean,
Hitler had with Mussolini to quickly intervene in order to prevent Italy
to make a separate peace with Britain,
the Italians would like
to throw out Mussolini
but they have no one else to turn to
and their king is worse than ga-ga,
he is a cynical, selfish, dirty old man

- some South American nations (as Peru)
have now started to take possession of German assets
>> p. 58 Vatican versus Nazis
>> p. 84 Lumber Macmillan has been the world's No. 1 exporter of lumber
>> p. 90 the film "the first of the few" about R.J. Mitchell,
creator of the snappy little Spitfire fighter

>>> again quite a good magazine about the events of spring 1941
with some interesting details, espc. about Hitler (cover)
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