tome 3 the silver bears

série: Polar/Erdman
éditeur: Arrow book
auteur: Erdman Paul E.
classement: carton46
année: 1974
format: broché
état: TBE/N
valeur: 5 €
critère: **
remarques: English book

this time a story about the manipulation of commodities (silver)
and the control of the speculation
"à la hausse" and "à la baisse" on the markets

>> p. 11 the US mafia and their plans for buying a Swiss bank
in order to wash their dirty money
>> p. 16 "the random walk hypotheses"
based on the economic theory of Samuelson being a technique
to control the stock and commodity markets

>> p. 19 the arrival at Lugano
>> p. 25 mention is being made to shah Mohammed Reza Pahlevi
>> p. 31 the Fidausy family which seems to control
a non-existent silver mine, in fact exchanging silver for gold from India

>> p. 43 the silver archeological treasure
supposed to be found at Elam in Iran
>> p. 66 the creation of the International
Bank of Sicily and America in Lugano
>> p. 72 the people playing golf at the Atherton Country Club
>> p. 77 the exposé about the silver market

>> p. 81 the directors of Swiss banks being complicated animals
>> p. 182 the Leadenhall market in London

>> p. 190 buyers and sellers working together on silver
and regulating the silver market
making bulls or bears at their choice

>> good description how commodity markets are manipulated
by dubious financial methods together with a thrilling story
about the speculation of silver including a good plot ending
by tricking themselves mutually
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