volume 3, issues 13-18

série: Tales from the crypt
dessinateur / scénariste: Collectif
éditeur: Gemstone EO 2008
genre: Horreur
classement: biblio520
date: 2008
format: hardcover, with jacket
état: TBE/N
valeur: 40 €
critère: **
remarques: 1/ foreword by Robert M. Overstreet
author of "the Overstreet Comic Book price guide"
the E art was stunning, a caliber we had never seen before,
we studied every brush stroke, every pin line, how the story plot
was broken down in the panel layout,
we also noticed that certain artists
were relegated to doing the covers and lead stories
with weaker artists filling out the rest of the book
>> n.b. mention is made of the Geppi's Entertainment Museum
at Camden Yards in Baltimore, Maryland
which possesses a great selection of comics including those of EC comics

2/ tales from the crypt, issue 29, april/may 1952
cover art: Jack Davis; colors: Marie Severin

a) grounds... for horror by Jack Davis **
(the butcher who was made mince-meat)

b) a rottin' trick by Joe Orlando
(Greek relaxation in a leper colony)

c) board to death by Jack Kamen
(the fright of claustrophobia)

d) a sucker for a spider by Graham Ingels **
(the love for spiders)
teller = bank employee, to yell uncle = cry of pain

>> p. 10+42 description of Jack Davis who became the regular cover artist
Davis would hold his position until the end of the run,
he could draw the most gruesome scenes
and yet make them somehow tolerable but even so he was the main target
of dr. Frederic Wertham's 1954 anti-comics diatribe "seduction of the innocent"

3/ tales from the crypt, issue 30, june/july 1952

a) gaz-tly prospects by Jac Davis
(the corpse that would write his own story)

b) a Hollywood ending by Joe Orlando
(a case of amnesia)

c) Auntie, it's coal inside by Jack Kamen
(the voice that makes do things)

d) mornin' Ambrose by Graham Ingels **
(aunt Elsa's diary denouncing her husband
as being y ghoul with a meat-ticket)
ghoul = spirit that robs graves and feeds
on the corpses in them

4/ tales from the crypt, issue 31, august/september 1952

a) survival... or death by Jack Davis **
(the ingenious rat-trap made only for amusement)

b) the thing in the "glades" by Joe Orlando
(the monster of the swamp)

c) Kamen's kalamity by Jack Kamen
(Jack, horror-boy's arrival at EC comics)

d) buried treasure by Graham Ingels
(revolt against the tyran of Schlussdorf)
revelry = festivity

5/ tales from the crypt, issue 32, october/november 1952

a) taint the meat...it's the humanity by Jack Davis **
(a butcher profiting of rationing during the war)

b) roped in by George Evans
(frauds trapped in a giant spider's web)

c) cutting cards by Fred Peters **
(a blood-curdling tale about gambling,
the chop poker)

d) squash...anyone by Graham Ingels **
(the most death-defying feat ever presented)

6/ tales from the crypt, issue 33, december 1952/january 1953
>> p. 144 description of Marie Severin
as a colorist, she was the last link in the production chain
before the book went to press
she was a perfectionist and often also the "conscience" of EC comics
Gaines said of her: she was probably the damn colorist
in the history of comics industry
she's gone on to much better and greater things today,
but I'll always think of Marie as my colorist

a) lower berth by Jack Davis **
(the travelingcarnivals = freaks and
among them the only female Egyptian mummy)
still = apparatus for making spirituous
moonshine = (USA) whisky

b) this trick will kill you by George Evans **
(a fakir rope trick and illusion)

c) the funeral by Jack Kamen
(kinging and queening with little prince junior)

d) none but the lonely heart by Graham Ingels
(kind of Landru with the
lonely-hearts club list)

7/ tales from the crypt, issue 34, february/march 1953

a) mirror, mirror on the wall by Jack Davis
(the second Frankenstein,
when look can kill)

b) oil's well that ends well by George Evans **
(the cemetery routine)

c) attacks of horror by Jack Kamen
(king moneymad's taxations)

d) there was an old woman by Graham Ingels
(aunt Tildy's wish to have her corpse back)
a story adapted from Ray Bradbury,
mortician = (USA) undertaker

>> p. 212 the EC Fan-addict-club membership
issuing the club bulletin for the members

>> this third volume of the tales from the crypt is not as good as the previous one
(the stories with ** being the best)
espec. the story from Bradbury, on which great expectations were made,
does not reflect the horror style of EC comics (too complicate)
however the design remains quite respectable for these stories

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