no17 Black Mark

série: Marvel Preview
dessinateur / scénariste: Collectif
éditeur: Marvel USA
genre: Horreur
classement: carton131
date: 1979
format: broché
état: TBE/N
valeur: 8 €
critère: *
remarques: Marvel Preview no 17, serie 2928, winter 1979
cover John Romita

1/ Black Mark, the mind demons
a new graphic novel
script and art by Gil Kane

- cover Marvel Preview
- panel of Black Mark's graphic novel
- cover of Black Mark's novel

Blackmark is a paperback book (Bantam S5871)
published by the American company Bantam Books in January 1971,
it is one of the first American graphic novels,
predating works such as Richard Corben's Bloodstar (1976),
Jim Steranko's Chandler: Red Tide (1976),
Don McGregor and Paul Gulacy's Sabre (Sept. 1978)
and Will Eisner's a contract with God (Oct. 1978),
it was conceived and drawn by comic book artist Gil Kane
and scripted by Archie Goodwin from an outline by Kane.

the term "graphic novel", while seen in print
as early as 1964 in an obscure fan publication,
was not in mainstream use in 1971 when Blackmark,
a science fiction/sword-and-sorcery adventure, was first published;
the back-cover blurb of the February 2002 30th-anniversary edition
calls the book, retroactively, "the very first American graphic novel"
a 119-page story of comic-book art, with captions and word balloons,
published in a traditional book format,
Blackmark is the first graphic novel
with an original heroic-adventure character conceived expressly for this form
it originally sold for 75 cents, comparable to other paperbacks at the time

Gil Kane (an established comics artist
who helped usher in the Silver Age of comic books with his part
in revamping the DC Comics characters Green Lantern and the Atom
and who drew the Amazing Spider-Man during a historically notable 1970s run)
had experimented with the graphic novel form
with his 1968 black-and-white comics magazine
"his Name is... Savage", a 40-page espionage thriller
scripted by Archie Goodwin from an outline by Kane

by this time Kane had already completed the Mind Demons,
which eventually premiered
(with its contents intact but its panel-layout reconfigured)
as the 62-page Marvel Comics magazine Marvel Preview #17 (Winter 1979),
in an early use of the term, it was called a graphic novel on the cover

the first Blackmark book had already been reprinted by then
(similarly with its contents intact but its panel-layout reconfigured)
in Marvel's black-and-white comics-magazine omnibus
the Savage Sword of Conan #1-4 (8-1974 up to 2-1975),
as the 15-page "Blackmark" and the 14-page "Blackmark (Chapter 2)",
"the testing Of Blackmark" and "Blackmark Triumphant!"
the 2002 reissue did not include the original's one-paragraph biography of Kane

old Earth is dead, devastated by the nuclear holocausts,
new Earth lives on as a shadow world, inhabited by the vestiges of humanity,
divided into tyrannical petty kingdoms, wracked by fear,
superstitions, and barbaric poverty,
strange, fearsome mutated beast roam the blasted lands and waters,
while on the cold northern frontiers, a race of malformed men
with strange mental powers plot the eventual conquest
of the planet from the fortress of Psi-Keep

Zeph the Tinker travels with his young wife Marnie
from Country Clayro through Country McCall and the Demon Waste,
while Zeph is hunting game, Marnie is startled by two riders fleeing pursuers,
the riders — the dying wizard-king King Amarix and his companion Balzamo —
make the barren woman a deal to not only transfer
the post-holocaust knowledge in his head to Marnie,
but to make it possible for that information to be passed onto her unborn child

that child, Blackmark, eventually becomes a gladiator slave

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