no 1 part one: no place like home

série: Solar, man of the atom
dessinateur / scénariste: Collectif
éditeur: Valiant
genre: ScienceFiction
classement: carton131
date: 1991
format: broché
état: TBE/N
valeur: 30 €
critère: *
remarques: Solar is an American fictional comic book superhero
created by writer Paul S. Newman,
the serie ran 60 issues, the last one finishing in 1996
only the two first issues are collected here
as representative samples of the serie

Solar, Man of the atom, no 1, September 1991
special edition, the issues are divided in two parts

1/ the story: no place like home
by Jim Shooter and David Perlin

2/ each of the first ten issues
of Solar, Man of the Atom
will contain a free, pull-out insert
presenting one chapter of his origin,
first insert = Alpha and Omega
by writer Jim Shooter and artist Barry Smith

this first insert explains how the experimental fusion reactor
at the Edgewater Fusion Research Center, called "the Edge"
runs out of control, threatening to erupt
into a sun-like fireball that will kill millions

Solar is an American fictional comic book superhero
created by writer Paul S. Newman, editor Matt Murphy, and artist Bob Fujitani,
the character first appeared in Doctor Solar,
Man of the Atom #1 in 1962 by Gold Key Comics
and has since appeared in other incarnations in books
published by Valiant Comics in the 1990s,
Dark Horse Comics in the 2000s, and Dynamite Entertainment in the 2010s

Solar next appeared in 1991 when Valiant Comics
restarted the series with a new premise,
Western Publishing had been distributing Valiant's Nintendo
and World Wrestling Entertainment comics
and agreed to allow Valiant to license characters from the Gold Key library,
Valiant intended to use successful Gold Key characters to launch
a superhero line of comics and spin-off original characters
under the direction of editor-in-chief Jim Shooter,
who had previously, unsuccessfully launched
the Marvel Comics superhero line New Universe,
with Valiant's video game and wrestling comics experiencing limited success,
they launched the new line in 1991 with Magnus, Robot Fighter,
followed by Solar, Man of the Atom a couple of months later,
the new Solar series began with three multi-part stories all written by Jim Shooter:
"Alpha and Omega" with artwork by Barry Windsor-Smith
and Bob Layton, spanned the first ten issues and told of the origin story
of how the protagonist, Phil Seleski, became Solar,
until the time he accidentally destroys the world;
"Second Death", with artwork by Don Perlin, Bob Layton and Thomas Ryder,
spanned the first four issues and tells of Seleski's attempt
to prevent another version of himself from destroying the world;
"First Strike", with artwork by Don Perlin and Stan Drake,
spanned issues #5 to #8 and follows Solar as he fights spider aliens,
these first year stories included first appearances by Eternal Warrior,
the Harbinger Foundation, Geomancers, and the X-O Manowar armor,
all of which would be spun off into their own series

Phil Seleski wakes up and he doesn't know where he is;
and when he goes to his home and his job, he discovers that he is already there
what is going on and how can he do all of the amazing things
that he can do in "second Death part one – no place like Home",
script by Jim Shooter and art by D. Dave Perlin & Bob Layton,
the issue also has part one of "Alpha and Omega,"
a 10-part origin story of Solar Man of the Atom
with script by Jim Shooter and art by Barry Windsor-Smith and Bob Layton,
each chapter of the origin story has a two-page pinup,
when all 10 two-page pinups are put together,
they form a gigantic page of the climax of the origin story,
cover by Barry Windsor Smith, this issue does not have a card (coupon),
cover price $1.75
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