Captain America special

série: Marvel various
dessinateur / scénariste: Collectif
éditeur: Marvel USA
genre: ScienceFiction
classement: carton131
date: 1992
format: broché
état: TBE/N
valeur: 5 €
critère: 0
remarques: Captain America special May 1992

Captain America against the Axis powers
and against villain Red Skull
based on characters created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby
this issue script by Stan Lee and art by Bob Haleb

>> this issue collected as a representative sample of the serie
but unfortunately not the best interesting issue

- cover captain America special 1992
- cover first issue captain America 1969

Captain America is a fictional character
appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics,
created by cartoonists Joe Simon and Jack Kirby,
the character first appeared in Captain America Comics #1
(cover dated March 1941)
from Timely Comics, a predecessor of Marvel Comics,
Captain America was designed as a patriotic supersoldier
who often fought the Axis powers of World War II
and was Timely Comics' most popular character during the wartime period

the popularity of superheroes waned following the war
and the Captain America comic book was discontinued in 1950,
with a short-lived revival in 1953,
since Marvel Comics revived the character in 1964,
Captain America has remained in publication.

the character wears a costume bearing an American flag motif
and he utilizes a nearly indestructible shield which he throws as a projectile,
Captain America is the alter ego of Steve Rogers,
a frail young man enhanced to the peak of human perfection
by an experimental serum to aid the United States
government's efforts in World War II,
near the end of the war, he was trapped in ice
and survived in suspended animation until he was revived in the present day,
although Captain America often struggles to maintain his ideals
as a man out of his time with its modern realities,
he remains a highly respected figure in his community
which includes becoming the long-time leader of the Avengers,

Captain America was the first Marvel Comics character
to appear in media outside comics
with the release of the 1944 movie serial, Captain America,
since then, the character has been featured in other films and television series,
in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU),
the character is portrayed by Chris Evans in Captain America:
the First Avenger, the Avengers, Captain America: the Winter Soldier,
Avengers: Age of Ultron, Captain America: Civil War,
Spider-Man: homecoming, and the upcoming Avengers:
Infinity War (2018) and its untitled sequel (2019)

Captain America is ranked sixth on IGN's
"Top 100 Comic Book Heroes of All Time" in 2011,
second in their list of "the Top 50 Avengers" in 2012
and second in their "Top 25 best Marvel superheroes" list in 2014
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