Comanche Moon

série: Comanche Moon
dessinateur / scénariste: Jackson Jack
éditeur: Rip Off EO 1979
genre: Western
classement: biblio523
date: 1979
format: broché, N&B
état: TBE
valeur: 20 €
critère: ***
remarques: English book

whole title: Comanche Moon or the true story of Cynthia Ann Parker,
her son Quanah and the wild comanches of Texas
Quanah was the last war chief of the Comanches,
the war between the Comanches and the Americans
were among the bloodiest wars on the American continent
the Texans = Tejanos from spanish tejas = friends

1) the capture of Cynthia Ann
at Parker's fort in 1836 by a party of Comanches
horses = god dogs for the Comanches

2) Naduah, white comanche
Cynthia receives the Comanche name of Naduah
and Peta Nocona, chief of the Noconis, takes her as his wife

3) a son named Quanah
Cynthia Naduah bears a child which name becomes Quanah,
negotiations of the Indian chiefs
Old Owl, Satanta and Buffalo Hump with the white men
Quanah's grandfather = Pohebits-Quasho alias Iron Jacket,
death of Iron Jacket during the battle against the troops of colonel Ford,
Peta Nacona becomes head chief of Quohadas+Noconis,
trade with the Comancheros = Mexican outlaws
Cynthia Ann is captured by Texan soldiers
during a raid on Peta Nacona's camp

4) second captivity
Cynthia spent her further life
with her daughter Topsannah within the Parker's family
but she never forgot Peta Nacona and dies later on with her daughter

5) vision seeker
after the death of Peta Nacona, Quanah joins a Quohada's tribe,
his hatred for the white men increases, he looks for a vision
and have the message of the flying white buffalo
which advises him that from decay comes new life

6) red raider (Quanah on the war trail)
but a vision is of no use unless one uses it!
the real value for the Comanches are the horses (as a currency unit)
and Quanah makes raids to get horses,
war with the Tonkawas = flesh-eaters,
Quanah in love with Weakeah, however
rivalry with Tennap, the rich Comanche,
finally Weakeah flees with her lover Quanah

7) the paper talk
Comanches and Kiowas use the Civil War to make raids on settlers,
particularly on the hated Texan settlers,
peace is arranged at Medecine Lodge Creek,
Satanta being the representative of the Indian people,
but Quanah will not agree

8) last days of freedom
Comanches are trading with the Comancheros for guns,
general Sherman takes over the army in Texas
and send colonel Mackenzie on an expedition against the Comanches (1872)

9) the buffalo war
the buffalos are now decimated by professional buffalo hunters
to cause great famine among the Indians,
Quanah becomes war chief but his raid
on the encampment of the buffalo hunters fails
>> p. 85 the sun dance ceremony for the war party

10) wrinkled-hand chase
colonel Mackenzie starts a big army campaign against the hostile Indians,
Quanah's tribe is surprised at dawn at Palo Duro canyon,
all their horses are killed and Quanah must surrender

11) penned-up
Quanah learns the way of the white men about civilization
>> p. 105 meanwhile all the buffalos have been exterminated

12) the White Man's road
Quanah makes friends with the rich cattle-men
and receives as a reward a noble house called "Comanche Whitehouse"
but he keeps his many wives and refuses to become a Christian,
he will even become for a while deputy-sheriff of Lawton, Oklahoma
and will meet future president Theodor Roosevelt
for whom he arranges some hunting parties
Quanah (1845 - 1909) dies 65 years old with Indian funerals
as the last chief of the Comanches

>> very good book about the Comanches in Texas
>> see map on page 3
good graphic with many photos and illustrations at the end of the book,
original and genuine text, being part of the "Texas history movies"

n.b. the book is more complete than the 3 comic issues
especially the end of Quanah's life
however a passage in the book have been censored
(page 55, to compare with illustration comic book no 2 red raider)

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