Donald Duck

série: Disney
dessinateur / scénariste: Barks Carl
éditeur: Abbeville EO 1978
genre: Humour
classement: biblio1
date: 1978
format: cartonné, grand format
état: TBE
valeur: 30 €
critère: **
remarques: English book

- the history of Donald Duck appeared 1943
for the first time in comic books,
- Donald, inhabitant of Ducksburg, is a parody
of a human selfish, egotistical and prone to blundering,
he became famous for his fiery rages
and for his tendency to seek out or create trouble,
he was perhaps the biggest star in comic books,
the foundators were Bob Karp, Jack Hannah and Carl Barks

- Al Taliaferro had drawn a Donald Duck in 1936
but the best drawings were set round 1968

- this book contains a selection of Donald Duck's best gags
published also in Mickey Magazine in the fifties

- 10 stories (** being the best):

1) frozen gold (1944) with 11 pages

2) lost in the Andes (1949) with 12 pages **
the egg's story with the square dimension

3) maharajah Donald (1947) with 13 pages

4) luck of the North (1949) with 14 pages
involving Gladstone Gander's best luck

5) land of the Totem Poles (1949) with 11 pages **
the selling of steam calliopes

6) the magic hourglass (1950) with 13 pages
Uncle Scrooge and his fantasticatillion fortune,
the oasis of No Issa with the red sand
>> p. 101 losing a billion dollars a minute,
I'll be broke in 600 years (uncle Scrooge dixit)

7) a Christmas for Shacktown (1952) with 15 pages **
social story of the poor classes,
>> p. 113 feeling like fat pigs (Donald's nephew dixit)
and page 126 a silly useless toy train

8) only a poor old man (1952) with 15 pages **
Uncle Scrooge defending his fortune against the Beagle Boys
>> p. 131 what is the use of having money
if one cannot have fun with it (by swimming in the money
like a porpoise = dolphin and a gopher = beaver)

9/ the golden helmet (1952) with 15 pages **
the code of discovery law for Olaf the Blue
influencing the fate of North America
>> p. 152 flickus flackus fumdeedledum
= how can you prove that he isn't (lawyer dixit)
>> p. 162 the social satire concerning the law

10) the gilded man (1952) with 15 pages **
the stamp collections that lead to El Dorado,
the one cent Magenta stamp of 1856

+ a short story and review of animated cartoon

- story-board department (story)
- sound department (synchronization of music)
- layout and background department (outline of the plot)
- animation department (action and dialogue)
- ink and paint department (colour)
- coordination department
(with the multiplane camera to bring story to the screen)
- control department

>> a very interesting book with good illustrations
and at the end of the book
- guide to familiar Walt Disney comic characters
- expression in the faces of Donald
- translation of Disney's characters around the world

- cover of the book
- portraits of the mickey mouse's world
- portrait of Donald Duck
- the different forms of Donald
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