Jane (the misadventure of)

série: Erotisme
dessinateur / scénariste: Pett Norman
éditeur: Titan Books EO 2009
genre: Erotisme
classement: biblio523
date: 2009
format: cartonné, avec jaquette
état: TBE/N
valeur: 15 €
critère: *
remarques: a selection of Jane, the UK pin-up (english book)

six years afer Jane debuted 5.12.1932 in the Daily Mirror by Norman Pett,
Don Freeman was hired to revamp the strip, he introduced an ongoing
that turned Jane from a daily joke cartoon into a racy, adventure strip
with the emphasis heavily on the strip,
it was a decision that turned Jane into one of the most significant
cartoon characters of the twentieth century
(in fact this is a bit exaggerated and Jane remained
for a long time somehow an unknown comics character)

Jane, the lithe, long-limbed blonde and her constant companion,
a worried looking dachshund named Fritz, was called
the strip(tease) heroine and queen of the undieworld

Jane was serving in the NAAFI with the motto "service with a smile"
showing often a delicious nudity and nice under clothes
n.b. the Navy, Army and Air Force Institutes (NAAFI)
is an organisation created by the British government in 1921
to run recreational establishments needed by the British Armed Forces
and to sell goods to servicemen and their families

Jane was crowned the "Army's girlfriend, the Royal Navy mascot
and the R.A.F's pet",
her impact on troop morale led sir Winston Churchill
to call Jane "Britain's secret weapon"
and it was claimed that on the day Jane finally stripped off,
September 4 1944, the British 6th division advanced six miles!

summary of the book
1/ NAAFI, say die (black and white)
>> p. 156 a dip in a pond

2/ Jane's journal: the perfect model and caravanseraglio (colouor)

3/ behind the front (black and white)
a) in France against Mme Bonnefemme, a collaboratrice
b) in Germany aainst the German girl Lorelei at the Schloss Blitzberg
>> p. 253 Jane taking her bath (famous picture)

4/ Jane as a model

>> a book of collection, the graphic is not of high quality
and the scenario not very elaborate and rather naive
but Jane is one of the first erotic figure of the kind in England

Jane was a comic strip created and drawn by Norman Pett exclusively
for the British tabloid newspaper te Daily Mirror from 5.12.1932 to 10.10.1959

Jane was born when artist Norman Pett made a wager
that he could create a comic strip as popular to adults
as the strip Pip, Squeak and Wilfred was to children,
oiginally Pett's wife Mary modelled for him but in the late 1930s,
she abandoned modelling in pursuit of golf,
Pett then teamed up with Chrystabel Leighton-Porter
whom he met while she was modelling for a class in Birmingham in 1939

orginally entitled Jane's Journal, or the diary of a bright Young thing,
the salacious comic strip featured the misadventures of the title ingenue,
the heroine had a habit of frequently (and most often inadvertently) losing her clothes,
her intimate confidant was a pet dachshund named Fritz,
her full name was Jane Gay, a play on the name Lady Jane Grey,
(in contemporary usage, "gay" referred to her cheerful, fun-loving character
with no implication of homosexuality)

the strip became very popular during the Second World War
and was considered morale-boosting, inspiring a similar American version,
Milton Caniff's comic strip Male Call,
until 1943, Jane rarely stripped beyond her undergarments
but then she made a fully nude appearance when getting out of a bath
and clumsily falling into the middle of a crowd of British soldiers

Norman Pett's assistant Michael Hubbard continued, beginning in 1948,
to develop the cartoon's original storyline until ending in 1959
with charmer Georgie giving Jane a happy marriage and ending the series,
the Mirror tried to revive the character on several occasions,
one such comic strip was Jane, daughter of Jane,
who was apparently the original's grown-up offspring,
but she lacked her mother's charm and innocence,
another attempt was made during the 1980s

recurring characters:
Jane Gay – heroine and "Queen of the Undie-World'",
Fritz, Jane's faithful dachshund, Georgie Porgie, Jane's boyfriend,
the Colonel, Jane's commanding officer and friend,
Lola Pagola, Jane's arch-enemy, also a Nazi spy,
Thelma, the Colonel's demanding and suspicious wife,
Dinah, Jane's good friend, Dinah worked also with NAAFI

during 1945, King Features Syndicate attempted
to distribute Jane in the United States,
however, the nudity was too much for prudish American audiences
and the attempt ceased during 1946

other comics in the tradition of, and possibly inspired by, Jane
include Sally the Sleuth, Male Call and Little Annie Fanny

the strip inspired an eponymous stage play during the 1940s,
with Leighton-Porter playing the character of Jane (see Jane on Stage),
Chrystabel also featured in a 1949 movie, the Adventures of Jane,
directed by Edward G. Whiting,
a 1987 movie, Jane and the Lost City, starring Kirsten Hughes
in the title role, was directed by Terry Marcel,
a television series was made by the BBC between 1982 and 1984,
featuring Glynis Barber in the title role,
the first season was titled simply Jane,
while the second was titled Jane in the desert,
despite the early evening scheduling slot, the show was decidedly risqué
with Jane continuously stripping down to her underwear,
including stockings and suspenders,
at the end of the second series' closing episode she appeared topless momentarily,
despite considerable publicity in the press at the time of its original screening,
the show became somewhat obscure and has never had a commercial video or DVD release
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